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DriversManual: Metaprogramming Ruby Chapter 3 Part 1

Ch 3: Methods

Static vs Dynamic

  • Static:
    • compiler check method calls beforehand to verify existance.
  • Dynamic:
    • does NOT check for method calls until it’s executed.

Removing Duplication

  • How would you...

DriversManual: Metaprogramming Ruby Chapter 2 Part 2

The Object Model


  • Namespaces
  • Loading and Requiring
  • Ruby Method
  • Method look up
    • The Kernel
  • Method execution
  • Refinements


  • Story time!
    • you see class TEXT
    • change to class Text

DriversManual: Metaprogramming Ruby Chapter 2 Part 1

The Object Model


  • class
  • Problem with Open Classes
  • What’s an object?
  • Classes
  • Modules
  • Classes as Objects
  • Constants
  • Structure like a File System
  • Objects and Classes Wrap-Up


  • Open Classes
  • Editing Standard Objects

DriversManual: Metaprogramming Ruby Chapter 1

Ch 1: The M Word

Ghost Towns and Marketplaces

  • In contrast to Ruby, C++ have variables and methods visible in source code, BUT in accessible during run time.
    • ie, Ruby allows for introspection, code that can ask about itself my_object...

TuneUp: Poker

Hello World! This is the first of hopefully many coding challenges with RoadBytes. A general description of tunes ups can be found here:

RoadBytes:TuneUps Explained

If you understand how to work with TuneUps, here is a link to the repo for this...

Practicing Single Responsibility

Since I’ve been applying for jobs, I came across a ToyRobot challenge, through Ash Petit, and it’s helping me dig a bit deeper with OOP Design. You can find details in the README of my repo

So other people can benefit from my experience, I thought...

OOP and a Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

Rock, Paper, Scissors Game to learn OOP

I made an object oriented Rock, Paper, Scissors game to practice working with Design and TDD. If you’re not familiar with Rock, Paper, Scissors:

  • Two players randomly picks: Rock, Paper, or Scissors
  • The...

Upcase: Test Doubles trail

Learning about Testing with Stubs and Mocks and Spies

These are notes from UpCase’s course “Test Doubles”

Simple Stub

Create a Stub with Rspec double

all_posts = double('descriptive statement')


Organizing my Stylesheets


  • Review how I learned to style my blog
    • BEM naming.
    • Show how I implemented Bourbon, Neat, and Bitters.

Applying BEM

I just learned about Block-Element-Modifier (BEM) naming of classes and I’m applying it with...

Better learning with question toggling


  • talk about levels of comprehension
  • think critically with implementation of a jQuery toggle feature for blog posts

Recall vs Recognition:

If you’re learning to code, there are a different levels of comprehension of material to consider...

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