TuneUp: Poker

Hello World! This is the first of hopefully many coding challenges with RoadBytes. A general description of tunes ups can be found here:

RoadBytes:TuneUps Explained

If you understand how to work with TuneUps, here is a link to the repo for this challenge

In Launch School, I was given a challenge to create a poker hand application that would take in a series of poker hands and return the highest hands.



Hands would be in the form of an array with two character strings. ie.

high_of_jack  = %w(4S 5S 7H 8D JC)
high_of_queen = %w(2S 4H 6S TD QH)

There will just be one argument consisting of an array of hands.

Poker.new([high_of_8, high_of_queen])




If you look at the poker.rb file, when I implemented this challenge, I made a method Poker#best_hand that didn’t really fit in the Poker class.

def best_hand
  best_hands = best_ranked_hands
  highest_card_value = 0
  best_hands.each do |hand|
    high_hand_value = hand.max_card_value
    if high_hand_value > highest_card_value
      highest_card_value = high_hand_value
  best_hands.select { |hand| hand.max_card_value == highest_card_value }
Q: Take a look at the Poker#best_hand method above and think of some reasons why it might be too complex

Just my opinion

* Poker should deal with `Hand` and not necessarily `Hand#max_card_value`
* There are levels of indentation that may be avoided
* Working a collection of `Hand`s may be best dealt with in the `Hand` class

What do you think? Did you come up with other ways of thinking?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it,

After you finish, you can compare your experience with mine, :)