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Learn to Code in 10 Years

Show Notes:

Today, I came across a funny article and I thought I’ve have a bit of a reading time…

It basically has to do with all these tutorials that teach you code in 21 Days:

Learn C# in 21 days Learn Ruby in 21 days

I’m reading an article...

Vim Preview for Newbies

Show Notes

RoadBytes Vim Preview for Newbies

  • Vim is a whole other thing to learn
    • Might not be good for over stretched newbies link:
    • ...

Specific Text Editors to look at

RoadBytes on Specific Text Editors

show notes

Links to the text editors from the show:

Easier Editors to Start with

  • Atom:
  • Sublime Text:

Adventurous Editors to Start with

  • Emacs: https://www...

Text Editors and Pragmatic Programmer

Three key features of a good text editor according to Pragmatic Programmer: Configurable, Extensible, and Programmable.

Next week, we’ll talk about popular editors in the market.

Perfectionism A Case Study

Show Notes: Pragmatism is better than Perfectionism

  • My current performance on making videos.
  • Getting Inspired to get back on the horse
  • Learning I’m a Perfectionist
  • Trying out Pragmatism

Checkout Grace’s Page:

I'm marrying Rails

I don’t know why, but … I guess I DO know why, it just doesn’t really stick.

Learning to code is partly frustrating because there are so many things I don’t know and yet, I’m supposed to focus my energy and narrow my coding direction to something...

Adding Gifs to your posts

my first gif of basically random crap on my desktop

This is my first gif ever and I’m really excited about how easy it is.

I was on codenewbie’s slack and found a really cool desktop window to gif app through @nadiab.

I was actually looking at her post on Git/GitHub and saw how easy it was to follow...

Making Files with the Bash terminal, for Newbies with Macs

For those who don’t use the command line:

Try this out and if it isn’t floating your boat, it’s all good to jump ship and probably give it a shot further down the line.


create files with the Bash terminal

Main commands:

  • ls = “list...

Learn Beginner Web Development by starting your own blog

There are a ton of blogging software options for coders these days: Wordpress, Blogger, and ummmm, I don’t really know the list because I don’t use these things that much, feel free to look them up. I thought I’d make a tutorial for beginners to not...

POODR Ch 2 practice

Train of thought for POODR Ch 2

friend wants a calculator for gears:

  • ratio = chainring / cog
  • implement, 11).ratio
Code from book

class Gear 
  attr_reader :chainring, :cog 
  def initialize( chainring, cog) 

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