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Notes from POODR Ch 2 for CodeNewbies

this is for study purposes only, excerpts from POODR are not my work.

Initially, ratio method is made for Gear class.

class Gear 
  attr_reader :chainring, :cog 
  def initialize( chainring, cog) 

Simply Scheme 9.4 is a Doosey

Man, I just finished this problem with simply scheme:

9.4 The following program doesn’t work. Why not? Fix it.
(define (who sent)
    (every describe ‘(pete roger john keith)))
(define (describe person)
    (se person sent))
It’s supposed...


There are some concepts and information checks I put together for POODR book club with CodeNewbies. Feel free to try out the concept checks.

1.) First concept from POODR Ch 3

Dependency Injection

class Customer
  attr_reader :money, :bread, :meat

August Lean UnConference

I’ve the opportunity to be in Silicon Valley for the months of August and September, and along with spending time with family, I’m going to meet up groups and meeting a lot of people in the tech community. One meetup group that I found interesting...

Looking for Code Love

Semi-Fictional Account of learning to code on your own. (Some names have been changed to protect the characters of this post)

Me and Hal

I’ve been working on learning Rails for over a year now, and up until this point I haven’t had much interaction...

Setting up a blog with Middleman App and Github

Easy steps to:

a) setting up a Free Blog through Middleman b) with hosting on GitHub.

Note, this tutorial assumes you have:

  • Ruby Installed
  • Bundler Installed
  • Git Installed
  • A GitHub Account
  • You can use your terminal

a) setting up a Free...

Notes of my form_tag implementation

Rails has form helpers to make coding the html a bit easier. But, coming from zero knowledge, I find that I’d have to learn both the html AND the rails and it’s weird juggling the two syntax. The best was for me to put it all together is to bounce...

FOOD REVIEW: Taco Medic to save the day

Review of the Awesome and Number 1 restaurant in the entire city: Taco Medic. Make sure you're sitting down and have all your medication ready, bc the Taco Medic is coming your way and the sirens are blaring full blast.

Beginners Guide to Understanding Rails

I've created this tutorial to quickly create/edit files and see how this affected the application. This is meant to walk through a simple Request from a User and a Response from the App.

FOOD REVIEW: Mister Truong's is the Bomb-uong

RoadBytes' review of Mister Truongs in Brunswick, Melbourne, VIC, Australia. Overall, it fits right in to Jason's style of modest digs with exceptional food.

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