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POODR Ch 2 Summary

Ch 2 Summary “Designing Classes with a Single Responsibility


  • Keep Class Structure simple
    • do something Right Now (this easy), but Change Later (this is hard)

Deciding what belongs in a class

  • Organization is difficult...

Pragmatic Thinking and Learning Recipes

Stolen from Pragmatic Thinking and Learning. Please buy the book, it’s awesome.

Recipes from Pragmatic Thinking and Learning

  1. Always consider the context.
  2. Use rules for novices, intuition for experts.
  3. Know what you don’t know.
  4. Learn by watching...

POODR Ch 1 Summary


  • Examples of procedural and object oriented featuristics presented. Procedural and OOP compared. Objects tend to have it’s own behavior and order of execution in contrast to procedural that’s executed more line by line.

  • This...

My First Interview

After my first developer interview, I had an “inspiration” to make a toy blog app to see if I could implement a News Feed feature where the News Feed would display the last six “things” I did.

Tea Leaf Course 3 Week 6 part 2 notes

Tea Leaf Academy Course 3 Lesson 6 Part 2

  • This part of the lesson involves adding new videos for Admin actors (Admin roles were from lesson 6 part 1)
    • It’s involved with AWS S3 accounts and carrierwave for file upload.


Tea Leaf Course 3 week 5

Tea Leaf Academy Course 3 Lesson 5 Part 2

Learning about background jobs

resque brief history

Resque is a Redis-backed library for creating background jobs

Here’s that list of what was desired from a background job app:

  • Persistence
  • See what...

Confident Ruby Part 1

I just started reading Confident Ruby and I like how clear Avdi presents certain concepts. Here are some notes I have from his book.


Thinking about methods, it’s good to have an idea of the order in which to handle it’s different parts:

Eloquent Javascript Exercises Part 2

These are my solutions to some of the exercises from Eloquent Javascript



Things to Note with this exercise

  1. It’s weird if there is an array inside an array inside an array

Eloquent Javascript Exercises: Part 1

These are my solutions to some of the exercises from Eloquent Javascript


The Sum of a Range

function range(start, end) {
  var step = 1;
  if(arguments.length > 2) {
    step = arguments[2];...

Explicit Learning and Self Studying Programming

Intro on Explicit Instruction:

I used to be a Teacher and one of the things we practiced was something called Explicit Instruction.

It’s best summed up as: * I Do * We Do * You Do

And this illustrates the levels of learning and understanding,...

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