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Finding Fulfilling Work

In Launch School’s Slack, we’ve hit on the point of how to find one’s purpose in life. The way I’m seeing Purpose is ‘What should I focus on, from a high level, that will lead to a fulfilling/happy life?’ So Good They Can’t Ignore You, has changed...

SQL Money

All the money on the world

I was learning about Databases and apart from learning to never use float type to represent money, I also learned that ALL the money in the entire world is about $75 trillion US Dollars. That’s:


TuneUp Explained

TuneUps are challenges to practice intermediate/advanced OOP Skills

I’m learning a lot about Object Oriented Programming (OOP) design, and these TuneUp Challenges are meant to share my discoveries with other self directed learners out there in the...

Construction Zone: Union Square, San Francisco

You’re watching the first installment of RoadBytes Construction Zone where I rate different places to study AROUND THE WORLD!

Today’s Construction Zone is at:

Union Square, San Francisco!

This place gets:

[1110-0000] 3/8 bits (It was Meh… ‘aite...

Chinatown, San Francisco

Chinatown, San Francisco was cool!

This place gets:

[11111000] 5/8 bits (Recommend It)

Here, I review:

  • Getting my fortune from Zoltar
  • Going to the Golden Gate Bakery
  • Checking out the San Francisco Fortune Cookie Factory

Notes: Accelerated Learning

  • How to learn quickly

Set specifically what you want to do

  • Get specific to minimize the goal at hand
  • ie, I want to code a calculator program
  • ie, I want to order food at a French restaurant totally in French
  • Application: For Lindsey,...

Hiring Mixer for DevWeek in San Francisco

Just Finished with the DevWeek Hiring Mixer

Man it was AWESOME! I was really apprehensive at first because I don’t have much confidence in my skill at the moment, but going there has smashed all my apprehension and I’m more excited to get shit done...

Inquiry: essential skills for a coder?

I’m learning to code and I’ve been working on learning Rails for a couple years. It’s been a great experience, but now is the time where I actually try to find a job.

One thing I can say is “The scariest thing is thinking that coding skill is something...

POODR Ch 3 summary Part 2

continuing from…

Remove Argument-Order Dependencies

  • Isolate Multiparameter Initialization

module SomeFramework
  class Gear
    attr_reader :chainring, :cog, :wheel
    def initialize(chainring, cog, wheel)
      @chainring = chainring

POODR Ch 3 summary Part 1

POODR ch 3 Managing Dependencies


YouTubeVideo of CodeNewbie meeting



  • I made some files with tests to see if you can refactor the initial Gear and Wheel implementations...

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