TuneUp Explained

TuneUps are challenges to practice intermediate/advanced OOP Skills

I’m learning a lot about Object Oriented Programming (OOP) design, and these TuneUp Challenges are meant to share my discoveries with other self directed learners out there in the internets.

There are a lot of materials for new coders, and a good amount for experts, but not much for people in between, so I’m hoping these challenges help bridge the gap between newbies and experts.

Diagram of the Desert of Dispair

The diagram was stollen from a great article describing why getting proficient is so challenging.

Anyone who’s made the jump from beginner to intermediate can attest that there is a BIG difference between the amount of resources available when you first start out versus when you’re first looking for help building things on your own without too much hand-holding.

So, this is the context I have when putting together RoadBytes TuneUps. I’m learning Ruby programming and aiming to become a Full Stack web developer so these challenges are aimed at others going in the same direction.

Key Skills to Practice

1). Working with git

various states of the challenges are stored in different branches of a remote repo

2). Code literacy

the start of the TuneUp challenge begins with a less then optimal codebase that needs improvement.

3). Refactoring

make the code base more readable according to the prompts and your heart

4). Collaborating with other coders

share what you’ve learned in the comments

My Stack

potential future challenges will include


You’ll see me using these technologies, but you don’t need to yourself

Scope of the Challenges

I’m assuming you know about OOP, but need more exposure to become proficient in applying these principles to real world problems.

With these challenges, you’ll be asked to:

  1. read through specifications to get an idea of what the task is
  2. fork a repo provided in the prompt
  3. Read crappy code
  4. implement the changes to the code base
  5. push your work onto a remote repo
  6. compare with other coders solutions

What if I’m a beginner?

If you need help on learning how to work with TuneUps, feel free to send me an email (jason.data@roadbytes.me), and I can add instructional videos and meet up in person to make these challenges more accessible. Trust me, getting started can be very frustrating but with persistence and patience, you’ll get into these TuneUp challenges in no time.

Cool, any questions?

Q: What are the key skills we can practice with RoadBytes TuneUps?

1. Working with git
2. Code Literacy
3. Refactoring
4. Collaborating