Pragmatic Thinking and Learning Recipes

Stolen from Pragmatic Thinking and Learning. Please buy the book, it’s awesome.

Recipes from Pragmatic Thinking and Learning

  1. Always consider the context.
  2. Use rules for novices, intuition for experts.
  3. Know what you don’t know.
  4. Learn by watching and imitating.
  5. Keep practicing in order to remain expert.
  6. Avoid formal methods if you need creativity, intuition, or inventiveness
  7. Learn the skill of learning.
  8. Capture all ides to get more of them.
  9. Learn by synthesis as well as analysis.
  10. Strive for good design; it really works better.
  11. Rewire your brain with belief and constant practice.
  12. Add sensory experience to engage more of you brain.
  13. Lead with R-mode; follow with L-mode.
  14. Use metaphor as a meeting place between L-mode and R-mode.
  15. Cultivate humor to build stronger metaphors.
  16. Step away from the keyboard to solve hard problems.
  17. Change your viewpoint to solve the problem.
  18. Watch the outliers: “rarely” doesn’t mean “never.”