Learn to Code in 10 Years

Show Notes:

Today, I came across a funny article and I thought I’ve have a bit of a reading time…

It basically has to do with all these tutorials that teach you code in 21 Days:

Learn C# in 21 days Learn Ruby in 21 days

I’m reading an article I found online from Abstruse Goose Called “How to Teach Yourself Programming”

The article can be found here:


Seriously though. Why is everyone in such a hurry?

Here are my top 10 things to do, to enjoy the coding journey:

10. give yourself 30 minutes everyday to code with out interruption

9. go to a meetup group

8. find an open source project you would like to help out with

7. blog about what you’re doing

6. make YouTube videos about self studying

5. email me about a video you’d like to see about coding and see if I make it

4. give me money… just thought I’d give it a shot

3. apply to jobs coding and see what happens

2. find a mentor and ask them to review your code

1. find a mentee and show them what you know

So, that is it for this weeks episode.