I'm marrying Rails

I don’t know why, but … I guess I DO know why, it just doesn’t really stick.

Learning to code is partly frustrating because there are so many things I don’t know and yet, I’m supposed to focus my energy and narrow my coding direction to something singular and limiting. It’s like forcing to marry someone I don’t know.

In short, I’m working on becoming a Jr Developer on my own and there are many ways that can happen:

On top of that, there are a lot of other languages and DSL’s that are out there I should become familiar with:

Not to mention Web Fundamentals:

And Coding Fundamentals:

Oh, and there are other technologies that are important:

I think it’s also be important to go ahead and mention a few methologies that I found to be essential for my productivity:

These things take time to learn and must not be taken lightly. But, it’s hard to find out what I need to take in and how much to take.

Having said all that, I think I’m finally at a place where I can say I’m ready to tie the knot. I mean, I’m not REALLY getting married so I realize that I still am going to learn other frameworks and languages since the industry is constantly changing and moving… but I’m realizing that there needs to be something that I go deep with for me to separate myself from the pack.

For my work skill focus, I choose Ruby on Rails!

Why do I pick this? I have no fucking clue on one hand, but on the other, a good friend of mine said it’s the framework of choice for SF startups. Given that I’m working to work in the Bay, I guess that Rails might be a good skill to start with.

But, I still love learning about so many other things and I’m such a noob that I want to work with Machine Learning and Scheme and other CS class, but there are limiting factors:

Well, I guess one way to mitigate this time thing I’m so frustrated about has been setting a daily goal of Pomodoros. I would be happy if I just set to focusing for 10 Pomodoros a day. I feel like if I can focus for that much time, then I’d be happy with my performance and I know that my goal of Hammering out the Rails Skill is with in reach.

I also like the idea of breaking things down into smaller bits and taking things in that way.

For example, I could first complete Hartl Tutorial, then Treehouse, then Odin Project, then my own app.

These goals seem less daunting than “Become a Rails Master”

Another thing that has helped me focus my energy is working with other people. I have a mentor that I meet with every week and know of my goal to become a Rails Developer and he makes sure that I’m not getting off track. It’s really reassuring to find someone, who is where you want to be, and is telling you you’re on the right track. Well, he’s also giving me things to think about every week and telling of what I should take time to learn and stuff. He’s also doing code review and implementation tips to guide my actions.

Overall, “marrying” a coding goal to something that is less etherel has been a God Send since I know I can focus my energy to one thing.

Some things I might need to put on hold:

Well, that’s it for today. I’m working on Journaling once a day for 30 minutes. I wonder how this is going to work?