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Advent of Code (Day 13)

Check out out day 13 here.

Run down

You need to get through a firewall that has scanners bouncing back and forth in each layer at different depths. Each layer has different ranges of areas it’s scanning, and the scanner bounces back and forth. ...

Advent of Code (Day 12)

Check out out day 12 here.

Here we had programs link to other programs, which linked to other programs and back. For example:

0 <-> 2
1 <-> 1
2 <-> 0, 3, 4
3 <-> 2, 4
4 <-> 2, 3, 6
5 <-> 6
6 <-> 4, 5

0 links to 2, which links to 0, 3, 4, which...

Advent of Code (Day 11)

Check out out day 11 here.

This helped make the challenge almost trivial

Run down

  \ n  /
nw +--+ ne
  /    \
-+      +-
  \    /
sw +--+ se
  / s  \

Basically, you move on a hexagonal grid north, north east, etc. You need to find your end distance...

Advent of Code (Day 10)

Check out out day 10 here.

Challenge One

Man, it really paid off to use OOP and break down each part so I can make sure each part does what I think it was supposed to do.

The hardest part was the ‘twist’ because of reversing elements that are wrapped...

Advent of Code (Day 9)

Check out out day 9 here.

Quick run down

You have a bunch of characters coming at you and you want to see how many curly parens {} groups there are. The thing is, there are also garbage groups in angle brackets <> and if there are curly parens

Advent of Code (Day 8)

Check out out day 8 here.

Quick run down

This was a lot like the jumping challenge from day 5. This time, you only had to go through the register instruction list once and change its value if some condition regarding another register was met. Like...

Advent of Code (Day 7)

Check out out day 7 here.

This was an interesting challenge that had a tower (aka tree) of programs (aka nodes) structure. Each program had a name, weight, and pointed to other programs.

From the description:

Your input has the name (weight) and...

Advent of Code (Day 4)

Hot Diggity, this one DIDN’T take 4 hours. Merry Freaking Christmas!

Check out out day 4 here.

For the first one you had lines of ‘passwords’, and you couldn’t have repeat words. You just had to count how many valid passwords there are.

The second...

Advent of Code (Day 3)

I worked on Advent of Code Day 3 and it took so much longer compared to the other challenges. I probably wouldn’t have even tried to finish if it wasn’t for my friend Branko who challenged me. Dude, kicked my butt… I’ll get him next time.


Advent of Code (Day 2)

It’s Christmas time again, and I know this because Advent of Code is here :). I’ve never participated in this event until now and it’s surprisingly a ton of fun.

Why is it fun?

Why is it fun? Partly because of the story in the challenges, but mostly...

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