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TuneUp Explained

TuneUps are challenges to practice intermediate/advanced OOP Skills

I’m learning a lot about Object Oriented Programming (OOP) design, and these TuneUp Challenges are meant to share my discoveries with other self directed learners out there in the...

Construction Zone: Union Square, San Francisco

You’re watching the first installment of RoadBytes Construction Zone where I rate different places to study AROUND THE WORLD!

Today’s Construction Zone is at:

Union Square, San Francisco!

This place gets:

[1110-0000] 3/8 bits (It was Meh… ‘aite...

Chinatown, San Francisco

Chinatown, San Francisco was cool!

This place gets:

[11111000] 5/8 bits (Recommend It)

Here, I review:

  • Getting my fortune from Zoltar
  • Going to the Golden Gate Bakery
  • Checking out the San Francisco Fortune Cookie Factory

Notes: Accelerated Learning

  • How to learn quickly

Set specifically what you want to do

  • Get specific to minimize the goal at hand
  • ie, I want to code a calculator program
  • ie, I want to order food at a French restaurant totally in French
  • Application: For Lindsey,...

Hiring Mixer for DevWeek in San Francisco

Just Finished with the DevWeek Hiring Mixer

Man it was AWESOME! I was really apprehensive at first because I don’t have much confidence in my skill at the moment, but going there has smashed all my apprehension and I’m more excited to get shit done...

Inquiry: essential skills for a coder?

I’m learning to code and I’ve been working on learning Rails for a couple years. It’s been a great experience, but now is the time where I actually try to find a job.

One thing I can say is “The scariest thing is thinking that coding skill is something...

POODR Ch 3 summary Part 2

continuing from…

Remove Argument-Order Dependencies

  • Isolate Multiparameter Initialization

module SomeFramework
  class Gear
    attr_reader :chainring, :cog, :wheel
    def initialize(chainring, cog, wheel)
      @chainring = chainring

POODR Ch 3 summary Part 1

POODR ch 3 Managing Dependencies


YouTubeVideo of CodeNewbie meeting



  • I made some files with tests to see if you can refactor the initial Gear and Wheel implementations...

POODR Ch 2 Summary

Ch 2 Summary “Designing Classes with a Single Responsibility


  • Keep Class Structure simple
    • do something Right Now (this easy), but Change Later (this is hard)

Deciding what belongs in a class

  • Organization is difficult...

Pragmatic Thinking and Learning Recipes

Stolen from Pragmatic Thinking and Learning. Please buy the book, it’s awesome.

Recipes from Pragmatic Thinking and Learning

  1. Always consider the context.
  2. Use rules for novices, intuition for experts.
  3. Know what you don’t know.
  4. Learn by watching...

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